MCC , IMCC , ATS Panels


Motor Control Centers (Fixed Design)

  • Suitable for distribution of power up to 6300A/415V/50 Hz
  • Type tested design for 50 kA for 1 sec
  • Tailor made design available to suit customer requirements
  • Draw out / plug-in type circuit breakers can be offered
  • Cable entry possible from bottom as well as from top
  • Easy cable access
  • Can be offered in “L” or “C” formation or any other formation to suit room layout


Intelligent Motor Control Centers (Draw-out Design)

  • Incorporates intelligent protection controllers in individual feeders/starters
  • Data concentrator integrates system data in a form suitable for use by virtually every PLC, DCS or SCADA system
  • Single line diagrams can be seen on central workstation showing status of individual feeders
  • All parameters of individual feeders like current voltage, power, can be displayed
  • Electrical Fault event recording
  • On line trends for parameters like PF, peak demand, are available for use in energy management
  • Relays used conform to international electrical, mechanical and electromagnetic compatibility standards
  • Unique preventive maintenance of motors is possible
  • Communication control possible even through mobile devices


Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS)

ATS automatic loading transfer panel is the standard configure of emergent power system. The panel detects the voltage and frequency of civil electricity timely. While there is something wrong, such as high voltage, low voltage, phase missing, electricity cutting off, etc., it will signal to start the generator set automatically; then the generator set starts as soon as receiving the signal; ATS-V panel controls the switch to run the power when the generating of electricity is balanced;  after the civil electricity resumes balanced, ATS-V panel will control the switch from generating electricity to civil electricity after prolonged confirmation, resumes the civil electricity; simultaneity, it controls the generator set to shut down after cooled. To-and-fro, makes the automatic double-circuit system comes to be true.



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