SALCON electric:
Our engineers have an exellent experience within the engineering field that spans across the Middle East . We at SALCON electric specialize in automation, motordrives, and electrical panels.
SALCON electric Sectors:
We are in special sectors to serve our Client in Middle east:
Defense / Military
Water Pumping Systems
Oil & Gas Agriculture & Poultry

Water & Electricity Facilities
Manufacturing & Process

 Surveillance Systems
Marine & Aviation / Airports
 Maintanence of LV & MV
 Solar Power
Research & development
Our goal at SALCON electric to provide solutions for every need. In order to do this, we must work on creating specialized products. This is done through examining each and every projects and developing the best fit. This is the only way to give you the best quality which is never negotiable.

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  • Phone : (+966 11) 4555147/(+966 11) 4555148
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  • Mobile: (+966) 55 8888 313
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