ENTES is a large family that works with passion for energy quality and efficiency in our country where energy is valuable and costly. ENTES has been producing valuable solutions since 1980 to meet the specific needs of its customers in order to ensure that the energy used by the institutions is easily mastered. ENTES, one of the leading business-shaping businesses, transforms energy into a controllable concept so that it can do business at the lowest cost, and the economy offers new possibilities. ENTES evaluates the brain’s power from its own resources and makes efforts to be open and utilitarian in the technological developments in the world. Each new day starts from hundreds of thousands of points and controls the energy of more than 100 countries in the world

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  • Riyadh,AL-Manakh Industrial City P.O.Box 391700 , Riyadh 11365 Kingdom of Saudia Arabia
  • Phone : (+966 11) 4555147/(+966 11) 4555148
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  • Mobile: (+966) 55 8888 313
  • Email : salcon@salcon-electric.com.sa