Ministry of Housing

The Ministry of Housing aims to provide the proper housing according to Saudi citizens convenience. The Ministry aims to provide suitable housing according to the appropriate options for the needs of citizens, especially the following: To facilitate the citizen access to housing facilitator taking into account the quality within the limits of income at the right time of his life. Increase the percentage of housing ownership. Encourage the participation of the private sector in supporting various housing activities and programs. Increasing the supply of housing of all kinds. It is our duty in the Ministry of Housing to organize and facilitate a balanced and sustainable housing environment through the development and development of programs to stimulate the private and public sectors through cooperation and partnership in the organization, planning and control to facilitate housing for all segments of society at the right price and quality. Based on Saudi Vision 2030, and in pursuit of a vibrant society, the Ministry of Housing aims to increase the ownership rate by at least 52% by the year 1442H / 2030. Through the enactment of a number of regulations and regulations, stimulate the private sector, and build an effective partnership with the citizen. To provide adequate housing according to ownership paths by financing and savings solutions commensurate with the needs of the citizens. The most important challenges facing the ministry are: • The limited housing units suitable for the segments of society • The difficulty of obtaining adequate housing financing • The inefficiency of the real estate sector • The high dependence on government funding

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